Welcome to TMJ Therapy! Dr. Carl McMillan is here for you and your TMJ disorder. We understand how inconvenient and painful it can be to have this condition, and we are proud to offer our many skills to you. Our doctor loves what he does, and he is dedicated to each and every patient who comes into the office. Our team is here to help you reach your overall health goals and to give you a fulfilled and functional life. We care about you, and we are here to help you in any way we can!

TMJ disorder is a condition that varies with every patient, which means every patient will receive individualized and customized treatment. We offer many services that can help you, and we want you to know that when you come in to us, you are in good hands. Our job is to help you manage this condition and learn how to control it so it does not control you. Many people suffer with TMJ disorder because it is a side effect of another health condition. We focus on treating the disorder to help you achieve greater comfort and functionality. We also treat disorders caused by trauma, like a car accident or a sports injury. We are devoted to each patient who comes into our office, and we are proud to serve our many patients from three convenient locations in American Fork, North Ogden, and Riverton, Utah. We welcome patients from anywhere on the Wasatch Front and throughout the state of Utah, as well as our many patients from Idaho and Wyoming. We are dedicated to helping you find relief from the pain and discomfort caused by TMJ.

Disclaimer: Carl McMillan D.D.S. is licensed as a general dentist performing services for TMJ.

Dr. McMillan provides Temporomandibular Joint Disfunction therapy. TMJ is not an official specialty recognized by the ADA, however, that is our focus.  We invite you to call our office and set up an appointment with Dr. Carl McMillan to change your life for the better.