TMJ disorders caused by stiff or overworked muscles can often be treated with muscle-relaxing injections. Dr. Carl McMillan invites you to visit TMJ Therapy if you are experiencing chronic jaw pain and may benefit from a therapeutic injection at our office.

As a patient with TMJ, you may find the relief you need from one or more of the following injections:

  • Tendon injections can provide anti-inflammatory medicine for tendons.
  • TMJ joint injections provides local anesthetic to treat pain caused by swelling or inflammation in the joint capsule.
  • Trigger point injections can be both diagnostic and therapeutic. These injections are first administered to the taut bands of muscle in the neck and other areas that may be causing facial pain. If the pain lessens because of the injection, then further injections may relax the muscle bands to restore adequate blood flow and allow the taut muscle bands to repair themselves. Trigger point injections also help break the muscles’ “memory” that would cause them to spasm in the future.
  • Nerve blocks are also both diagnostic and therapeutic. If the inflamed or irritated nerve responds to responds well to anesthetic, then further injections can decrease inflammation and hyperirritability through anti-inflammation medicine.
  • Prolotherapy injections are performed to decrease pain and inflammation, increase flexibility, and tighten tendons and ligaments as necessary. Prolotherapy solution contains anesthetic, bacteriostatic water, and dextrose to encourage the cells to begin repairing themselves, thereby reducing inflammation.
  • Nerve ganglion blocks can numb the groups of cell bodies around the spinal cord and brain that are called nerve ganglions. The injection can also improve blood supply and quality, improve tissue repair, reduce swelling, and increase muscle tone.

When you visit our doctor for a TMJ evaluation, we will help you determine if you need a therapeutic TMJ injection in American Fork, North Ogden or Riverton, Utah. Please call our office at 801-756-0900 today for more information and to schedule your initial consultation. We look forward to helping you achieve the relief and comfort you deserve!