Our team of dental professionals at TMJ is fully committed to helping you live free of your TMJ disorder. We strive to offer you the least invasive treatments possible without compromising on our quality of care. You are welcome to contact our doctor at 801-756-0900 today to learn more about our treatment options.

Dr. Carl McMillan and our team are pleased to offer in-office therapy services to relieve your symptoms and restore proper alignment. These therapies include:

Your personal comfort is our first concern at our office. TMJ disorders can cause a lifetime of jaw problems and facial pain, but we aim to remove those hardships from your life by providing comfort-focused treatments to target and reduce even the worst symptoms. If you struggle with headaches, locking jaws, painful jaw joints, or facial pain, we encourage you to come see our TMJ doctor in American Fork, Utah, for an evaluation so that you can begin addressing your TMJ disorder.

Dr. McMillan understands how it feels and what it is like to have TMJ disorder, and we invite you to call and meet with him whenever you are experiencing this pain and discomfort. To learn more about maintaining jaw health, call us now!