All You Need to Know About TMJ Treatment

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As a TMJ sufferer, you’re likely tired of the pain and inconvenience associated with the problem. This likely leads to searching for different TMJ disorder treatments. Our dental team doesn’t blame you! Discomfort and limited functionality in the jaw joints of the mouth can be quite troublesome. Fortunately, there are many treatments that can help your jaw joint return to full health, and our dentist, Dr. Carl McMillan, is happy to tell you all about them. Those treatments are:

-Taking medications, like muscle relaxants, analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs, that were prescribed by your dentist

-Wearing a bite guard at night to protect your teeth and jaw while you sleep

-Physical therapy

-Home remedies, like strengthening the jaw muscles, eating softer foods and heating the jaw with heating packs


-Relaxation techniques or therapy

-Arthrocentesis, which involves your dentist inserting small needles into the jaw joint and irrigating the fluid as well as removing debris and inflammatory byproducts

-TMJ arthroscopy, which involves your dentist surgically repairing the jaw

-Modified condylotomy, which involves your dentist repairing the mandible rather than the jaw joint

-Open-joint surgery, which involves your dentist surgically repairing or replacing the jaw

To learn more about the treatments for TMJ disorder, please contact our dental team at TMJ Therapy. When you dial 801-756-0900, we will be happy to give you the answers, information and details you need to improve your health and function. We look forward to helping you!