Causes and Care for Orofacial Pain

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The term orofacial pain refers to discomfort that occurs in any area of the head, including inside the mouth, along the jaw or in other areas of the face. This sort of discomfort affects many patients and causes them to experience different types of facial pain, including toothaches. We can help you live comfortably by providing insight on the causes of orofacial pain and potential treatment methods.

Most cases of orofacial pain are the result of an underlying a dental issue, but facial pain can also occur if you have TMD, a condition that involves damage or tension in the temporomandibular joints of the jaw. TMD can affect patients of all ages. Additional conditions may be migraines or the presence of oral cancer.

Dr. Carl McMillan and our team want to ensure you can receive the proper treatment to address your orofacial pain, and this is based on the location of your pain and the diagnosis. If a toothache is causing you discomfort, you may need to receive restorative dental care such as a dental filling or root canal procedure from your dentist to improve the condition. If the condition is chronic jaw pain, you may need to be treated for TMD with an appliance such as a mouth guard that keeps your jaw stabilized. Additionally, stress reduction techniques and physical therapy may improve your condition.

In addition to seeking professional assistance for orofacial pain, you can try some at-home practices to reduce inflammation and pain, such as applying a cold compress to the outer cheek for intervals of 20 minutes and taking an over-the-counter pain medication.

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