Facts About TMJ Disorder

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The temporomandibular joints (TMJs) are your jaw joints. Disorders with these joints are very common. Some symptoms of TMJ disorders include:

– Discomfort in the jaw or face
– Clicking or popping in the TMJs
– Headaches
– A crunching sound when you use your jaw joints
– A locking jaw
– Discomfort when you chew
– Ear pain, but no ear infection
– Ringing ears or a congested feeling

These symptoms occur more often in some patients than in others. Dr. Carl McMillan is willing and able to work with your primary doctor and your dentist to diagnose your TMJ disorder and to deliver the best solution possible.

Before recommending more complex treatment, our team may recommend that you try the following at home:

– Taking over-the-counter pain relievers or muscle-relaxants
– Practicing relaxation treatments
– Applying moist heat to the area

Further treatment may be needed if these techniques do not yield the desired results. To meet the needs of each patient, our doctor offers several treatments for TMJ in American Fork, Utah. Oral orthotics, or splints, are one of the most common treatments we offer. If this is the treatment for you, we will custom create your splints, which will be worn over the bottom teeth. Some patients also require night splints, which are used on the upper teeth.

To learn more about orthotics and our other TMJ treatments, we welcome you to contact TMJ Therapy. We are dedicated to providing effective, quality treatments that are customized to meet your needs.