How Does Your Jaw Make Chewing Possible?

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Have you ever wonder how your jaw makes chewing possible? The wide range of motion displayed by your mouth is due to the temporomandibular joints in your jaw, also referred to as TMJs. Due to the complete nature of TMJs and their proclivity for receiving plenty of wear, they can break down on occasion, which can lead to jaw pain, decreased mobility and what is known as a TMJ disorder.

Treatment methods for a TMJ disorder include:

– A great way to make sure your smile is properly taken care of is to keep heat and ice packs ready for any pain or inflammation that may occur with TMJ disorders.

– Further stress on your TMJs occurs if you chew gum, bite your nails, or eat extremely chewy foods.

– Although meditation practices may not seem like the most helpful treatments for jaw pain, it might just surprise you. Relaxation is vital for relieving jaw pressure, so try various stress-relievers such as soft music, yoga, and biofeedback.

– Although not all TMJ disorders are related to other ailments, many may find their traces to underlying causes. In some cases, TMJ disorders can be begun by ailments such as bruxism, also known as teeth grinding.

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