Outlining the Basics of TMJs

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Did you know that temporomandibular joints, also referred to as TMJs, are extremely beneficial for the proper functioning of your mouth? Not only do they play a key role in speaking, but they are also responsible for chewing correctly. If for any reason your TMJs are damaged, your oral health will suffer. Thus, be aware of all causes of TMJ disorders and treatments you can employ, including the following:

– Common causes of a TMJ disorder include bad habits you are partaking in, chewing gum, biting your nails, bruxism, arthritis, and issues with dislocations and alignments of your teeth and jawbone.

– The food you eat can play a key role in the prevalence of TMJ. Thus, eat softer foods if you are suffering from a TMJ disorder.

– Heat and ice packs are highly effective for issues associated with a TMJ disorder. If your face is swollen, apply a cool compress next to your jaw. Additionally, heat packs are highly effective for minimizing pain.

– To help strengthen your jaw, practice exercises designed by your dentist.

– Traditional oral appliances from your dentist that can help treat a TMJ disorder include the use of a mouthguard in the form of a night guard or bite plate.

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