Home Care Remedies That May Provide Temporary Relief for Mild TMJ Symptoms

When it comes to your TMJ (or temporomandibular joints) connecting your jawbone to your skull, you can suffer disorders in this joint. These can leave you in pain along with the muscles controlling those jaw movements, especially if you are constantly grinding or clenching your teeth. Pain associated with your TMJ/TMD is often temporary, and you may even be able... read more »

How Does Bruxism Affect Your TMJ and How Can It Best Be Treated?

The term “bruxism” refers to a repetitive jaw-muscle movement where you habitually and subconsciously grind your teeth together and clench your jaw muscles. It affects the temporomandibular joints located on both sides of your jaws that function by helping you smoothly open and close your jaw. Why is Excessive Bruxism a Problem? When problems with your TMJ occur, you will... read more »

Why You Should Never Ignore Nighttime Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

Did you know that about one in three adults experience bruxism? When it comes to grinding your teeth, this often unconscious and seemingly innocuous habit is something your mouth and jaw can do without, and it is known as bruxism. It is essentially a harmful habit where you repeatedly clench and grind your teeth, leaving them and your jaw sore... read more »

If You Experience TMJ Problems, Do You Know What Causes Them?

Did you know that your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the most constantly used joint in your entire body? It is the joint that sits in front of both of your ears, where your skull and jaw come together. Your tiny TMJ disks are made of cartilage and absorb the impact whenever you open or close your mouth for biting, chewing,... read more »

Orthognathic Surgery for TMJ and Sleep Apnea Can Help You Restore Your Health

Orthognathic surgery, or jaw surgery, is how our doctors correct the irregularities of the jawbones while also realigning the jaws and the teeth for a better bite and improved appearance. This corrective jaw surgery fixes skeletal abnormalities of the face and the jaw and can also be performed to fix the airways for those suffering from sleep apnea. Problems With... read more »