Tips for Maintaining Your Jaw Health

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TMJ disorders cover a wide range of problems and have all kinds of causes, from injury to teeth grinding to stress. At TMJ Therapy, we specialize in treating the whole spectrum of TMJ disorders. And while receiving top-level treatment is essential, it is also key for you to maintain jaw health after you walk out our door.

One of the best things you can do to stay on top of your jaw health is to give yourself a self-check several times a day. This will enable you to catch symptoms early and to get better in touch with your body. Find a moment to be quiet and ask yourself if you are feeling stressed. Stress can cause physiological responses in the jaw like clenching and tense muscles. If you notice stress or tenseness, try to relax. Take some deep, controlled breathes or drink some water.

Assessing your posture can also reveal causes of tenseness. Whether standing or sitting, your posture is important. Make sure everything is aligned and relaxed. Poorly-designed chairs can provoke tenseness, so simply changing location can fix the trouble. Stretching exercises can also relieve tenseness.

Listening to your body is key to overall wellness. Don’t assume that pain will just go away or work itself out on its own. Often, TMJ disorders can be avoided or lessened by avoiding situations that can aggravate existing conditions.

You can experience lasting relief from your TMJ disorder symptoms if you maintain healthy habits and listen to your body. And of course, stay on top of your regular appointments with Dr. Carl McMillan. Please call our American Fork, UT, office today to get back on track.