TMJ Disorder Treatment Starts with Basic Lifestyle Modification

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TMJ disorder is a general term used to describe pain or other discomfort associated with the temporomandibular joints that hinge your jaw. These joints are very sophisticated and, in many cases, have pain or inflammation issues arise from seemingly mundane sources.

Your dentist, Dr. Carl McMillan, often starts addressing TMJ disorder symptoms with basic lifestyle modifications. Oftentimes, this includes eating softer foods, applying ice packs to the area, performing some basic jaw stretching exercises and potentially taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications.

If you don’t experience significant symptom relief in a few weeks, Dr. Carl McMillan might advocate more advanced treatment strategies. This might involve taking prescription anti-inflammatory medication or using prescription muscle relaxers.

For many people, the TMJ disorder is linked to or exacerbated by grinding their teeth at night on a regular basis. This is often the result of stress. If your stress issues cannot be directly addressed, Dr. Carl McMillan might recommend using a night guard when you go to bed at night.

If these measures do not provide relief from your TMJ disorder symptoms, Dr. Carl McMillan will discuss more invasive procedures. This might include things like acupuncture, the use of a stabilization splint, or surgical intervention.

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