TMJ Symptoms

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Do you wake up with painful jaw movements? Do you find it hard to eat, talk, or yawn? If so, you could be suffering from TMJ and should seek help right away. There are two joints on each side of your face that control the movement of your jaw if you hear popping, clicking, fell tensionĀ or pain, you could be suffering from TMJ. If have any of these symptoms and would like to see a dentist, call TMJ Therapy at 801-756-0900 and schedule an appointment.

TMJ or, temporomandibular joint disorder, is also called TMD. A TMJ disorder may often increase your tooth sensitivity, cause you to wake up with a sore jaw, or even disrupt your ability to fully open or close your mouth when you wake up. TMD can be caused by an injury to the jaw, bruxism, jaw misalignment issues, emotional stress, or excessive gum chewing, among other things.

If you suspect TMJ disorder or need other dental assistance, speak with Dr. Carl McMillan for a possible diagnosis and potential treatment options as soon as possible. Set an appointment with TMJ Therapy at our office in American Fork, Utah. We can be easily reached at 801-756-0900. Our team is always happy to assist you with any of your TMJ needs.