Wearing a Night Guard to Protect against Bruxism and TMJ

Bruxism is the act of clenching or grinding your teeth. There are two main types of bruxism, with one occurring with you are asleep and one occurring while awake. If you suffer from sleep bruxism, only after you have signs of damage may you perhaps finally see the first indicator you suffer from it.  Don’t wait until your teeth and... read more »

Common Symptoms You Should Know About TMJ Disorder

TMJ disorder, or more commonly known as TMD, affects nearly 10 million Americans. If you experienced arthritis, a dislocated disc in your jaw, misaligned jaw, or injury to your face, you may be experiencing some symptoms of TMD. Our team is going to give you some of the common symptoms of TMJ disorder and show you how you can help... read more »

10 Interesting Facts about TMJ Disorder

If you are curious about the facts behind TMJ disorder, or more commonly known as TMD, you’ve come to the right place. Our team is going to give you 10 interesting facts on the disorder and give you your best options for treatment. • TMD is an acronym that stands for temporomandibular joint disorder. • TMD is generally more common... read more »